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Scientific Socialism are an acoustic duo from East Germany, Miko Efflböch and Dini “Striped Pants” Gneidängerlands-Muchtereide, who together fled the Fall of the East and the restoration of capitalistic economic tyranny, for a life of radical avant-garde nomadism in Camberwell in South London.

Hildisrieden: this startling LP breaks with the humanistic and passionate directness of their earlier duo work — fascinated and appalled by the affective manipulations of Western pop, the unbiddable two taught themselves to “use the studio as an instrument”, processing sound critically, challenging and subverting the mindless habits of the false consciousness industry. On Recommended Records.

1: Haymo of Faversham, the Custos of Paris -- in the first movement of their groundbreaking antiwar triptych, the two employ comb-and-tissue to invoke Gregorian chant and the monkish marvels of the peaceful past...
2: Billy's War Brides -- but the second movement betrays this pastoral stillness, with a parody of music-hall vulgarity! With cities comes the twin pestilence, of social conflict and connubial charter! “They have told us the words are clumsy,” says Miko hotly -- “but that is our ploy!”
3: Knightsbridge -- the triptych concludes with an ironic celebration of the upper classes, with a rousing chorus, “In Knightbridge there are so uptight bitch!”. A drum machine is programmed to represent how industrial society has made us into robots.
4: Wunderwall — this ironic cover version of the meaningless Oasis anthem collages processed samples of the famous George Harrison electronica LP, as a trenchant protest at the celebrity appropriation of vanguard art. “We are the true Beatles fans,” smile the Wuppertal two. “This Gallagher is a tool of the aristocratic layer.”
5: Antal Róka: You can’t say no to Roka Roll!
6: Tris(ethylenediamine)cobalt(III) chloride: “Scientific Socialism opposes reactionary chemistry!” This is a wistful wordless sound-art beckoning at an age where knowledge shall be shaped to the needs of mankind. .
7: Focke-AchgelisIn this welcome return to their old acoustic style, the acid-tongue folksters make a connection between helicopters over Vietnam and the Nazi era! “We sing Heli-PIG-ter because a pig is a cop, you see?” explains Dini seriously.
8: 1656 in England. A history lesson! Revolution is Necessary! The tune is a nursery rhyme, with elliptical lyrics, played by Camberwell schollchildren on recorders and ipod: it tells of the ruling classes who sat in parialment, until a SPIDER — the vanguard army of the masses — camped beside her, and frightened oppression away!
9: Shinobi-iri: sometimes the group turn to the Mystical East for their inspiration, like their influences the Vapors.
10: Ow (digraph) Using a Fairlight, the band here build a classical symphony out of a single cry!
11: Bi-Beast: only under decadent capitalism could so much improper sexual practice breed! “To touch girls is surely what we call queer,” laughs Dini. “We must rise above this Kingdom of Beasts! Should any female ever come to our performance, we will find them banned!”
12: Doratogonus levigatus: in this song the time signature mimics the busy movements of the MILLIPED, as a sonic contrast to the Latin naming system, which the two bards denounce, as an attempt by Western rationalism to eradicate everything it cannot grasp. “The PEDOS have IMPEDED the MILLIPEDE” is the shouted chorus, which echoes through a rectangular array of speakers to set up an anti-imperialist feedback...
13: Tortoise and Hippo: based on the true story of a baby hippopotamus who befriended a giant tortoise , after the 2004 tsunami, this track brings together the music of very different animal worlds, to show the way for humans! “United across the species are they,” says Miko, who argues that cookery is the real ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’
14: Sir Mancherjee Merwanjee Bhownagree -- an improvisation for two electric sitars, this track satirises the deluded ambitions of “uncle toms” eager to fit in to the mores of Empire. “He thought he was a respectable, but really he was a square,” insists Miko.
15: "The Best of Sword" -- this stunningly ambitious 23-minute track is a deconstruction of the niche-market commodification of teen rebellion and fantasy... With riffs reinterpreted on 12-string, lyrics from the original songs are intercut with field-recordings, of the reality of battlefield mayhem and violent death by steel blade. “The Viking Era we do not consider a progressive model of the future,” says ‘Striped Pants’ angrily. We can only agree.

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3. Click random article 15 more times (or however many times seems appropriate for your band); those are the tracks on your album.
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